Wednesday, 2 December 2009

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As you know, even being also a proud member of the "Justice 4 ALL Madeleine McCann family", I don’t have much time to post in there, since there’s still a lot of work to be done outside internet, and also inside internet focusing also in the Portuguese public, what I’m doing through the official website of Joana Cipriano

Now a few words concerning the tape recording. My new friends Ana Sofia Bras and Jose Araujo have been persecuted, threatened, defamed and even also allegedly beaten by the evil Goncalo de Sousa Amaral and his men, since at least June of this year (Ana has been a victim of Mr (can we call a beast Mr?) Goncalo Amaral much before that date). This is a fact. They have stored on their mobile phones memories the dozens of calls they received from Mr Beast Goncalo threatening them, including death threats.

Which other reason Mr Beast Goncalo would continuously phone them after Ana and Jose stopped their mistaken relation with him and his wife? Anyway, the tape recording could be obvious proof of his criminal activity because Mr Beast Goncalo de Sousa Amaral clearly says things like:

- "A few moments ago you saw me and ran away from me. When you see me be quiet and do not run away from me".

[so who’s persecuting who, and who is running away from who?];

[Jose says he is free to walk on the streets including by Mr Beast Goncalo house door, and Mr Beast answers:]
- "OK, very well, I’m waiting for you, come here right now. For you I don’t even have to get my hands dirty, because it’s enough to kick you»"

[WARNING - EXPLICIT LANGUAGE] - «Why are you upset for me having an affair with your wife? Every night she goes out she ***** with other men. She is ****** every single day, every single night. She is ****** on her pussy, she is ****** on her ***, she is ****** on her mouth. She even ****** with four guys inside a car on the parking place of her job, on her mouth, ***** and mouth. I’ve even heard that they ****** on her ears, and she was fired because of that. So you go talk with all those guys and not only with me. Even with the black men of Praia da Rocha she ****** with! You know, her ****job is a ****, she doesn’t know how to do it. And you know she screams a lot when the **** is inside her, she screams like hell and wakes up all the neighbours. And her daughter is not yours! She was already pregnant from another man before you go to Mexico».

[So, how dares this beast even talk about decency and children rights, when he is one of the worse beasts on the face of the Earth! Who is defaming who? Mr Beast Goncalo Amaral defamed seriously Ana trying to split this couple again. Ana is not a *****. Ana was never fired because of any sexual activity. Diana is daughter of both Ana and Jose].

- «I will shoot you with one of my most golden bullets. Do you know what is like to be shoot in the middle of your eyes?».

- «I will sign your papers whenever I want». [The portuguese expression was "Eu faco-te a folha quando eu quiser", literally "I can do your sheet whenever I want"; in Portugal "fazer a folha" to someone means harming a person with illegal methods; an example of "fazer a folha" to someone is planting fake evidence on someone’s car in order to send the victim to jail].

And many other evil and criminal things Mr Beast Goncalo de Sousa Amaral said in those two phone calls.

After being persecuted during so many time, including by insistent phone calls FROM Mr Beast Goncalo, Ana and Jose finally decided to prepare a tape recorder and to dial the Beast in order to record his menaces. Otherwise, they would have to walk all the day with the tape recording, risking not having the good environment for the recording, including the silence of a private house.

So, because of all that, the tape recording is completely legal, and that also according with the article 34 of the Portuguese Penal Code, which states:

Article 34
Necessity right
An act is not unlawful when committed as an appropriate means to avert a present danger that
threatens legally protected interests of the agent or of a third person, if the following requisites are
a) The danger situation must not have been voluntarily created by the agent, save in case of
protecting the third person’s interest;
b) There is a sensible superiority of the interest to be safeguarded relatively to the sacrificed
interest; and
c) It is reasonable to impose on the victim the sacrifice of his interest, considering the nature or
value of the threatened interest.».
Please, lets always keep working hard all together and is guilty, to send the Beast Goncalo de Sousa Amaral right away to jail, and for a long, very long period of time.
Remember that he was and STILL IS THE man responsible for Madeleine and Joana never been found and also for all the criminals involved on their abduction never been caught until now.
Goncalo de Sousa Amaral is a very evil man, a shameless convicted liar and a criminal of the worse kind.
Earth would be a much better place without that evil beast.
Thank you very much for all your cooperation, help and support!
Wherever they are, our beautiful shining little stars Madeleine and Joana are proud of us!


tony said...

Well The Dirt Bag Will Be In Court Soon.
His denial of accusing the McCanns of harming Madeleine won't hold up.
A Quote From The Truth Of The Lie

"For me and my team, working with me at the time and until October 2007, the conclusions we reached are: Minor Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A of the Ocean Club, in Vila da Luz, on the night of May 3rd 2007. There was a fabrication of kidnap. Kate Healy and Gerry McCann are suspected of being involved in covering up the disposal of their daughter’s body."

Talk your way out of that one Fatso!

Rosiepops said...

Oh he'll try Tony, but it will not work.

He simply will not be able to say that, he has no proof what-so-ever.

What is the betting the fat convicted falsifier of evidence waffles something about a pink blanket?

A blanket that was clearly pictured on the bed AFTER Madeleine went missing! At a crime scene Amaral did not even bother to attend for THREE months. (Months is not a misprint by the way)

He did not defame Kate and Gerry?

"For me and my team, working with me at the time and until October 2007, the conclusions we reached are: Minor Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A of the Ocean Club, in Vila da Luz, on the night of May 3rd 2007. There was a fabrication of kidnap. Kate Healy and Gerry McCann are suspected of being involved in covering up the disposal of their daughter’s body."

The only fabrication of evidence in the Madeleine McCann investigation actually came from the person in charge of running the investigation! One Goncalo Amaral!

Dog evidence? Yeah right did Amaral put it there, or did he pay someone else?

When the people of Portugal start to understand what he has done and why he has done it, going to prison will be the very least of his worries!
Staying safe inside will be a big problem, but staying safe outside will be an even bigger problem, people do not like people, that do not divulge information they have about missing ABDUCTED children and then trying to frame the parents and put them through hell on earth, at the same time as making the good people of Portugal look like idiots!

Then there is the little matter of all his unpaid debts and conning old people out of their pensions by allowing Joana Morais to set up a defense fund, trying to sell Tee shirts and mugs and playing cards through Paypal, what a con artists she is, still, like attracts like.

No the people of Portugal are not going to be very happy with the laughing on the other side of his face policeman!

Anonymous said...


Note: pretend you've not got too many.


Sheryl (Tracy) Gamble
12 Wynd Street
Vale of Glamorgan
CF63 3PZ

As at 5th October 2009, the above person was selling Tony Bennett’s libellous 60 reasons booklet
after Tony made assurances that he had acceded to Carter Ruck’s demands that he should dispose of all copies,
and the remainder unsold should be handed in to Carter-ruck’s offices.

This is Tracy/Sheryl Gamble’s ISP provider

The Vale of Glamorgan
Virgin Media

Anonymous said...

Mmm the reason why this forum

is now in existence, is not because of BB1, it is because Jill Havern was Carter Rucked, honestly, I am surprised that none of you twigged it!
After all JH is not going to advertise that she was made to take that forum down because of its libellous nature.

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